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 Malkavian Madness Notworking

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PostSubject: Malkavian Madness Notworking   Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:47 pm

Malkavians in and around Seattle have been noticing that the MADNESS has become even more unstable and unpredictable than before. It's shown itself in a variety of different ways.

clown When using Dementation, 1 success is automatically transferred from the subject of the discipline to the Malkavian using the discipline.
clown When using MMN, the connections sever or connect to unusual or unexpected people and minds.
clown Things or visions are seen out of the corner of the Malkavian's eye, something being said just beyond their heading, a phantom touch on their back. It's sporadic, and random, but always unusual. It's a pink elephant, or the feel of a tentacle, the sensation that someone's watching them when they're all alone. (If they usually have this happen it intensifies three fold.)
clown Those with World Walking abilities (Very few of you would have this) are rarely able to find doors.
clown Those in the Mental Health field will notice that there are more cases cropping up, both of severely mentally insane as well as the unexplained fits of insanity from your average citizens.

The Storytellers would like for you to make these as specific to your character as possible.
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Malkavian Madness Notworking
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